Schwarzer Precision GmbH + Co. KG, a high-tech company with tradition. With decades of experience have been developing and manufacturing Micro-Pump for high specialised applications in medical, laboratory and analysis technology. Perfect solution for each application area regardless of how complex the challenge.

Schwarzer Diaphragm Pumps

Miniature Vane Pump

Technical precision in the smallest format-the FZ is our solution to all applications where the low volumes have to be pumped pulsation-free. It offers a linear characteristic, extremely low running noise and minimum power consumption.
Pump performance up to 60 mbar/0.85 psi pressure, 60 mbar/1.75 inHg vacuum and 0.71/ min of free flow.

Rotary Diaphragm Pump

An almost linear characteristic is a distinguishing feature of our rotary diaphragm pumps. Unproblematic gases are conveyend at minumum noise level. Its performance characteristic predestines them for blood pressure measuring intruments.
Pumps performance up to 1bar/14.5 psi pressure and 2.1 l/min.

Eccenter Diaphragm Pump 700

Diaphgram pumps for medium pressure and suction power-offering high chemical and heat resistance. Your ideal choice for autoclaves, lab and medical appliances.
Performance range from 6 to 34 l/min free flow, up to 960 mbar/ 28 inHg vacuum and 2.5 bar/ 36 psi pressure.

Vibrating Diaphragm Pump

Our proven SA series-reliable and robust. We develop these models as a problem solution for all applications where and uncomplicated pump with extremely long life for the slight pressure differences is required.
Pump performance up to 300 mbar/9.0 inHg vacuum, 0.3bar/4.5 psi pressure and 10 l/min of free flow.

Linear Diaphragm Pump

The patented linear drive has made it possible to manufacture diaphragm pumps of the LI series, which are among the most powerful and efficient systems for pumping high volumes. These models are characterized by extremely long service life.
Pump performance up to 750 mbar/22 inHg vacuum, 1.6 bar / 23 psi pressure and 50 l / min of free flow.

Liquid Diaphragm Pump

These self-priming pumps are suitable for pumping or circulating the widest variety of liquid. Our modular design system caters for customer-specific performance requirements.