Unozawa-Gumi Iron works Ltd, established in August 1899, based in Tokyo, Japan. For over a century, Unozawa as a specializing manufacturer of high quality, wide range of Roots Type Dry Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Blowers, and Vacuum Booster Pumps, to suit various process and operating condition.

Unozawa Dry Vacuum Pumps

Rotary Blower – Vacuum Pumps

ARJ – Rotary blower / Vacuum pump Type “ARJ” (Various Application Series)

The Unozawa “ARJ” Positive Displacement Blower is new series Roots blower developed by incorporating extensive experience and technical experience. This series blower type “ARJ” employs three lobe rotor, featuring higher performance, lower noise and less vibration. When the blower handles special gas, mechanical seal can be provided. High design pressure blowers are available up to 20 barg.

ARK – Air Service Three Lobe Rotary Blower • Vacuum Pump

ARK type is small and middle size blower and vacuum pumps employing three robe rotor and featuring lower noise. Products are high quality using all parts produced by high technology and quality assurance system based on ISO 9001. Blower / Vacuum pump are fir air service and dry tape in which water or oil are not used at gas contact parts. This product is standardized and made to ARK series which enables this series to be manufactured with shorter lead time.

Dry Vacuum Pump

KTS – Small, Air-cooled Dry Vacuum Pumps for Clean Processes

The UNOZAWA Dry Vacuum Pump model “KTS” is multi-stage Roots type can be operated in a completely DRY condition without cooling water. The dry vacuum pump is developed with new concept of strong configuration to handle carry over liquid.

TS – Dry Vacuum Pumps for General Industries

The UNOZAWA Dry Vacuum Pump model “TS” is multi-stage Roots type. The dry vacuum pump has high reliability and efficiency using no lubricating oil or sealing water in the gas passage, thus ensuring the highest of cleanliness. Using together with a mechanical booster, it is easy to obtain larger pumping speed and high vacuum level. This combination pump set with booster and dry vacuum pump is out “TE” series.

TRV – Vertical Dry Vacuum Pumps for Chemical Processes

The UNOZAWA Dry Vacuum Pump model “TRV” is a dry vacuum pump developed with a new concept that is different from conventional dry vacuum pump. The Top-Down transportation of gas ensures rapid and complete draining. The pump insures easy solvent recovery in the discharge port.

TRM – Horizontal Dry Vacuum Pumps for Chemical Processes

The dry vacuum pump is multi-stage Roots type. It is constructed as a three stage horizontal type with intermediate heat exchanger. The vacuum pumps can be operated in a completely dry condition at any suction pressure from ultimate pressure up to atmospheric pressure. The intermediate heat exchanger ensure easy solvent recovery. All the pump components are mounted together on a common frame. The pump capacity is 2 m3/min to 35 m3/min. Through the use of high vacuum mechanical boosters, with the dry vacuum pump, the pumping capacity can be extended as required.